What Really Causes Crooked Teeth and How to Fix Them

It’s no longer a news, that parents, individuals, groups around the globe are in search of the causes of crooked teeth amongst adult, children, and also seeking for a remedy to solve the problem. As we know, teeth condition is a sensitive issue in human existence and must be taking with all zealousness. On this ground, it is paramount to note that whenever there is an occurrence of crooked teeth ensure you reach out to Cosmetic Dentistry at Melbourne who specializes in giving your teeth a unique smile and a healthy condition. The need for healthy teeth cannot be undermined as such; it’s our duty to ensure the safety of our teeth and the teeth of our kids.


There are several causes of crooked teeth in Melbourne, and also there are positive solutions from Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne to safeguard your teeth for a better smile. Firstly we look out the various causes of crooked teeth and afterward we provide solutions. The following are some of the causes of Crooked Teeth itemized by Cosmetic Dentistry:

    • Genetic factor
    • Poor Nutrition
    • Environmental factors

GENETIC FACTOR – Before looking for solutions or remedy to crooked teeth, it is imperative to know the actual cause of abnormal teeth in order to avert future occurrence, the most potent cause can be embedded in the person’s genetics, in other words, it can be hereditary, though not limited to genetics factor. For example, underbites, overbites, and swarmed teeth are the consequence of crooked teeth which is controlled by genes. A few people have distending upper teeth which are referred to as overbite, others have projecting lower teeth regarded to as underbite, while others have agonizingly cramped teeth that are basically too huge for their mouths. These instances are conditioned by a genetic factor.

POOR NUTRITION – There is no doubt that poor dietary habit s of nursing mothers and during early stage of pregnancy are one of the major causes of crooked teeth, it is important to understand the efficacy of balance diet during child upbringing, but most parent often neglect this part, thereby leading to long age stigma of crooked teeth or abnormal teeth. Poor nutrition is a major facilitator of crooked teeth most especially during infant age of two to six years.  The body requires a fundamental building block to produce solid bones and the bones of the jaw are no exemption. This was majorly seen in the advancement of long bones which influenced their walk, yet could likewise be seen in misaligned jaws. The inadequacy is ordinarily because of an absence of vitamin C; however, calcium also assumes a colossal job in the advancement of solid teeth and bones.

The above points are some of the few causes of crooked teeth; now let’s look at the possible remedy for resolving crooked teeth. When you contact Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne there are several ways, methods that would be prescribed, depending on the age, a way of life or fundamental causes of crooked teeth. The following are some of the techniques used by Cosmetic Dentistry to enhance strength and well-placed teeth for better and unique smiles.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR – Be that as it may, there are few causes of crooked teeth that are not conditioned by a hereditary factor, for example, growing up as a kid with distending or protruding teeth due to long periods of thumb sucking. Crooked teeth are the consequence of a blend of environmental and hereditary factors. For instance, crooked teeth can emerge if a child or adult sustained an injury in the past if there was an accident that led to the damage. It should be noted that environment elements are one of the causes of crooked teeth.


There are several ways, methods, and techniques to fix crooked teeth, the following are some of the major techniques used to curb crooked teeth:

  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Avoid thumb sucking
  • Avoid oral obsessions

MAINTAIN GOOD HYGIENE – The major causes of crooked teeth as discussed earlier is as a result of poor nutrition, poor hygiene, no doubt, cleanliness is nearest to good health, poor dental hygiene in children has been the major facilitator of crooked teeth. If a child experience gum sickness there is a high probability of influencing grown-up teeth in a negative dimension. When kids have healthy gums they are undeniably liable to have sound and healthy grown-up teeth. In order to give your kid healthy and well-structured adult teeth, there is a need to start dental cleanliness regiment at an early age.

This is very paramount and must be taken with all seriousness. Parent in Melbourne must ensure kids brush their teeth before taking breakfast, this process must be carried out as early as age one, this implies that they brush their teeth even while their infant’s teeth are developing and before their grown-up teeth come. As we know  kids love imitating their folks, so have them brush their teeth at the same time you brush yours, enable them to grow great procedure and methods to get them into a sound dental daily schedule, get your kid used to the dental specialist, read about when your child should visit dental practitioner like Cosmetic Dentistry.

AVOID THUMB-SUCKING – Melbourne kids are always in the habit of sucking their thumb for comfort. It is totally typical and most kids prevent themselves from thumb-sucking between the ages of 2 and 5. Be that as it may, urging them to stop before turning five will be very useful for their teeth. When they suck in a rigid manner, it might harm their front teeth and top of their mouth. When they are still between the ages of two and five, you should endeavor to stop the thumb-sucking. The unique thing you can do is stop thumb-sucking with different exercises.

Ensure you are sensitive enough to know when your kid tends to suck their thumb, would they say they are exhausted, bored or hungry? At that point when they are going to get into this act, you can substitute it with something different. For instance, if you observe your kid is hungry, ensure you give them food at the right time .if you can monitor the reason why they suck, it would go a long way of fixing crooked teeth.

AVOID ORAL OBSESSIONS – In the event that you generally have something in form of a pen in your mouth when working, addicted to the constant use of toothpicks immediately after a meal, frequent blowing and chewing of gum bubbles or, have a propensity for gnawing your fingernails, at that point, you may have an oral obsession. Continually having something in your mouth causes an outward weight, which can lead to teeth misalignment? It is imperative to avoid these activities in order to avert too much pressure in your teeth.

Conclusively, the aforementioned points are the few causes and ways to prevent crooked teeth. If you are in search for the causes and prevention of crooked teeth in the life of your children or adult, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne for proper counseling and guidance for healthy teeth. Nevertheless, it is paramount we protect our teeth from any form of damage.